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  • _Welcome to TERRA-MIX


    We are a dynamic, innovative and independent special purpose construction company with its main office in Wettmannstätten in western Styria. Our company was founded 2001 and has at its disposal 60 competent co-workers who are constantly taking care of the concerns of our customers.
    Based upon our many years of experience in the area of ground stabilisation, impulse compaction, road renovation and guard-rail construction the company TERRA-MIX is already active in all of Europe with great success.
    Due to the large geographical area of activities subsidiaries have already been established in Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland. TERRA-MIX is constantly working to come up with the best possible solution for our customers, and therefore our performance is constantly being improved upon through research projects. As an example TERRA-MIX is running a research project on "Dynamic ground compaction by means of an Impulse-Compactor" together with the research partners University of Innsbruck and Prof. Dr Adam. Furthermore TERRA-MIX has applied for patent with the European Patent Office for their own developed system "Road renovation system TERRA-MIX".

    TERRA-MIX stands for down-to-earth and security, this you can rely upon.


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