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    Impulse-Compaction Game

    Impulse Compaction

    Through Impulse Compaction loose soil at issue can be compacted to at least reaching a medium dense bedding. The compaction work is carried out following a given grid and consisting of one to three work transitions.  

    Compaction depth

    Gravel and sand6-7m
    Silty sand4-5m
    Sandy silt3,5-4,5m
    Mixed grainy soil3-5m

    Quality assurance

    The achieved compaction can be most effectively verified using dynamic probing or using CPT pressure probing (Cone Penetration Test) before and after the compaction. Continuous recording, storage and documentation of all relevant compaction parameters for every compaction point ensures the quality: Date and Time Accurate position using GPS-co-ordinates Settling per impulse and total settling Settling curve Number of impulses Energy provided

    All these data can be provided as a table and graph on a CAD plan using a mobile internet connection. Thereby different settling characteristics can be recognized and treated correspondingly in order to achieve a homogeneous compaction result.

    Distance to constructions

    For adjacent constructions, roads and embankments no danger exists since the impulse energy can be regulated continuously. When needed the oscillation speed will be measured and documented.

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