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  • Renovation of High-Water-Protection-dams

    Impulse-Compaction is a new and excellent way of renovating levees where the soil has turned soft after floods or through cavities (fox, beaver etc.).


    A significant volume reduction is achieved of the treated soil. The corresponding volume is complemented by suitable fill material (e.g. dense core material or with lime stabilised soil). Through further work transitions plugs form or an intermixing with the in-situ soil takes place. Through the volume reduction or reduction of the porosity the needed impermeability needed for high water protection is ensured and on the other hand cavities (fox, beaver tunnels ..) are completely closed down to a depth of at least 4m. The load carrying capacity and stability of levees is increased and hence a reduction of the danger of erosion is achieved as a result of impulse compaction. The impulse compaction leads to a guaranteed durability of the land construction. Short building period A very economic system


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