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  • Road Renovation system „System TERRA-MIX“

    In Austria and South-east Europe the road renovation system „System TERRA-MIX" is a very successful way of renovating ruined streets very fast, economically and with very high quality. In this system a new high-grade carrier layer, which is frost resistant and free of crevices, is produced out of the ruined carrier layer, being interspersed with fine particles, and asphalt through the addition of a road recycling binder and water. For the road renovation system „System TERRA-MIX" a patent has been applied for with the European Patent Office - Nr.A926/2008

    Steps of a road renovation


    A road construction, which has been stabilized with a binder, can take up to 3 times higher loads than a conventional road construction. Such a construction can no longer, after years of traffic, be interspersed with fine particles, since the carrier layer has been fixed with a binder. Therefore there is also no longer any need for a fleece. This construction is more frost resistant than without a binder, since inside such a fixed body no collection of water can form. It’s load capacity will increase year by year. Whereas a conventional construction will deteriorate with time. Hence, after decades of surface wear, only the surface layer needs to be repaired. The underlying, stabilized carrier layer remains. The present asphalt can be cut and mixed in with the carrier layer as valuable building material and does not need to be disposed of at high costs.

    FOLDER Strassensanierung (PDF)



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